Ramtons Chest Freezers in September 2023

Latest Chest Freezer Chest Freezer Price in Kenya at Avechi
Ramtons CF/230 Chest Freezer 93 Liters Ksh.31,899
Ramtons CF/231 Chest Freezer, 140 Liters Ksh.38,299
Ramtons CF/232 Chest Freezer, 190 Liters Ksh.44,399
Ramtons CF/241 Chest Freezer, 192 Liters Ksh.44,799
Ramtons RF/235 Chest Freezer, 230 Liters Ksh.44,799
Ramtons CF/237 Chest Freezer, 190L Ksh.45,399
Ramtons RF/242 Chest Freezer, 245 Liters Ksh.48,799
Ramtons CF/235 230L Chest Freezer White Ksh.48,999
Ramtons CF/236 Chest Freezer, 282 Liters Ksh.60,299
Ramtons CF/238 Chest Freezer, 282 Liters Ksh.61,899
Ramtons CF/233 Chest Freezer, 354 Liters Ksh.77,899
Ramtons CF/234 446 Litre Chest freezer White Ksh.91,699
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