Mika Microwaves Price List in September 2023

Latest Microwave Price in Kenya at Avechi
Mika MMWMSKH2011W (MMW2011/W) Microwave Ksh.8,499
Mika MMWMSKH2013S (MMW2012/S) Microwave Ksh.8,799
Mika MMWDSPR2021W (MMW2051D/W) Microwave Ksh.8,799
Mika MMWDSPR2023S (MMW2052D/S) Microwave Ksh.9,099
Mika MMWDSPB2033S (MMW2032/S) Microwave Ksh.9,299
Mika MMWDGPB2074MR Microwave, 20 L Ksh.10,199
Mika MMWDSPR2312B Microwave, 23 liters Ksh.11,099
Mika MMWDGBH2333S Microwave, 23 Liters Ksh.12,199
Mika MMWDSTH2342BF Microwave, 23 Liters Ksh.14,199
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