Mika Fridges Price List in September 2023

Latest Fridge Fridge Price in Kenya at Avechi
Mika MRDCS25DS Refrigerator 50L Ksh.19,099
Mika MRDCD75SBR Double Door Refrigerator, 138 Liters Ksh.30,999
Mika MRDCD70LSD Double Door Refrigerator 118L Ksh.36,399
Mika MRDCD75GLD Double Door Refrigerator, 138 Liters Ksh.39,099
Mika MRDCS190LSL Single Door Refrigerator 190 Litres Ksh.41,399
Mika MRDCD95LSD Double Door Fridge Ksh.44,099
Mika MRDCD105SBR Double Door Refrigerator Ksh.48,799
Mika MRDCD261XSF Double Door Fridge Ksh.57,299
Mika MRNF225SS Double Door Refrigerator Ksh.60,999
Mika MRNF340SS Double Door Refrigerator, 339 Liters Ksh.68,499
Mika MRNF297DS Double Door Refrigerator, 297L Ksh.80,899
Mika MRNF348SS Double Door Refrigerator, 348 L Ksh.86,399
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