Mika Chest Freezers Price List in September 2023

Latest Chest Freezers Chest Freezers Price in Kenya at Avechi
Mika MCF100WS/ SF125WS Deep Freezer, 99L Ksh.30,499
Mika MCF100SG SF125SG Deep Freezer, 99L, Silver Grey Ksh.30,999
Mika SF130W Deep Freezer, 100L, White Ksh.33,199
Mika SF130SG Deep Freezer, 100L, Silver Grey Ksh.33,699
Mika MCF150W/ SF190W Deep Freezer, 150L, White Ksh.35,999
Mika MCF150SG/ SF190SG Deep Freezer, 150L, Silver Grey Ksh.36,399
Mika MCF200SG/ SF260SG Deep Freezer, 200L, Silver Ksh.42,799
Mika MCF250W/ SF340W Deep Freezer, 250L Ksh.48,699
Mika MCF250SG/ SF340SG Deep Freezer, 250L, Silver Grey Ksh.52,999
Mika MCF300W/ SF380W Deep Freezer, 280L, White Ksh.58,699
Mika MCF300SG/ SF380SG Deep Freezer, 280L- Silver Grey Ksh.63,999
Mika MCF420W/ SF590W Chest Freezer, 400L Ksh.90,499
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