Latest Table Top Cookers Under 5K

Latest Table Top Cooker Price in Kenya at Avechi
Mika MGS2101 Table Top Gas Stove Ksh.2,999
Mika MGS1155 Table Top Gas Stove Ksh.2,999
Mika MGS2201 Table Top Gas Stove Ksh.3,499
Mika MGS1000 Table Top Gas Stove Ksh.3,599
Mika MGS1200 Table Top Cooking Gas Stove Ksh.4,099
Mika MGS1102 Table Top Gas Stove Ksh.4,199
Ramtons RG/544 2 Burner Gas Cooker, Stainless Steel Ksh.4,399
Mika MGS1401 Table Top Gas Stove Ksh.4,499
Ramtons RG/500 1 Burner Teflon Gas Cooker Ksh.4,499
Mika MHP22SS Hot Plate, Stainless Steel Body Ksh.4,599
Ramtons RM/250 Single Spiral Plate Cooker Ksh.4,699
Mika MGS1103 (MGS1300) Table Top Gas Stove Ksh.4,999
Mika MGS2102 (MGS2000) Table Top Gas Stove Ksh.4,999
Ramtons RG/538 2 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Cooker Ksh.4,999
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